100% Proper 70s Rock!

From the Blackest of Sabbath,

to the Deepest of Purple

Classic Power Trio Format

Album Tracks & Classics from the Best 70's Monsters of Hard Rock

Live, Loud & Heavy!

The Home of 70s Rock

8 Foot Under are an established 70s Rock Tribute power trio, playing the best album tracks and classics from the great 1970’s hard rock monsters. From 70s classics such as Free and AC/DC, through to the pride of the Midlands great metal bands such as Black Sabbath.

The band have a large repertoire of songs including a range of album classics from the biggest 70’s rock bands: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Status Quo & The Who.

Also included, are a large selection of classics from bands that should have been bigger: Montrose, Budgie, UFO & Rory Gallagher to name but a few.

8 Foot Under put on a great live 70s Rock Tribute show, full of energy & power – exactly what a great rock gig should be. With a full high end P.A & lighting rig – the band are fully equipped to put on a great show anywhere in the UK and beyond!

8 Foot Under Live Video
Black Dog (Led Zeppelin):


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